3rd RecSys:NL Meetup – Wrapup

The 3rd RecSys meetup was a great success with around 50 participants from all over the Netherlands and from both academia and industry. It was held on December 8th at SDL, Amsterdam - a great venue with drinks and nice foods. Thanks to Julian Ortega and SDL.

There was an interesting mix of four talks:

Jakub Zavrel (from TextKernel) and Fabian Abel (from Xing) spoke about recommending jobs to people. While Jakub’s talk focused more on semantic search and  matching, Fabian’s talk revealed Big data technologies behind the recommender engine in Xing. Fabian’s slides are available here.

The third speaker -Rahim Delaviz (from Coolblue)- talked about building a recommender system for an online retailer and the challenges behind such development.

Finally, Anne Schuth (from UvA, CLEF Living Labs) spoke about the importance of online experimentation and he introduced and discussed several online evaluation approaches. The slides of his talks are available here.

The RecSysNL meetups have been quite successful so far – thanks to its initiators: Alan Said and Alejandro Bellogin. This indeed shows how much recommender systems are in great demand in all domains.

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