5th RecSys:NL Meetup

The 5th RecSysNL meetup will be on Tuesday November 24, 2015. The meetup will be hosted by Elsevier. The address is: Radarweg 29, 1043 NX Amsterdam. The meetup starts at 17:30.

Please note that you need to sign up for a free ticket to participate. Tickets are available at our Eventbrite page.

There’s an awesome lineup of three talks by Mendeley, Kollekt.fm, and ILPS lab of UvA.

Talk 1: “Research recommendations at Mendeley” by Marco Rossetti

Staying up to date for a researcher is becoming more and more difficult, as the number of conferences and journals increase and the subjects are constantly evolving and transforming. In Mendeley we are researching and developing recommender systems that help researchers to discover research and researchers that are relevant to them. In this talk Marco is going to present Mendeley Suggest, a new research advisor that recommends research articles to read. Mendeley Suggest exploits different data sources and algorithms to provide recommendations that satisfy a broad range of researchers’ information needs.

Speaker Bio:

Marco Rossetti is a Data Scientist at Mendeley and he is currently focused on researching and developing recommender systems for researchers. Marco earned his PhD in Computer Science in 2015 at University of Milano-Bicocca, working on recommender systems.

Talk 2: “Brands using music to connect to their customers” by Rolf Droge and Mikel Porras Hoogland from Kollekt.fm

Kollekt.fm a is social music platform; we have created a community of music lovers that curate high quality playlists for others to enjoy.
Kollekt.fm is currently exploring ways to connect these high profile music lovers to brands, so that they can provide music for their stores. Since we are living in this streaming era and music is so easily accessible, we see a massive opportunity, to not only use this music for the in store experience but bring it to the online world. This way brands can connect to their customers on a whole different level than they are doing at the moment. But to get the best music – in the most efficient way – Kollekt.fm is teaming up with the TU-Delft in the CrowdRec project to create a music recommendation system.

Speaker Bio:

Mikel and Rolf are two of the four co-founders of kollekt.fm. Both graduated from the TU-Delft; Mikel has a masters degree in Interaction Design and Rolf has a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. They’ve always been huge music enthusiasts; Mikel as a DJ is producing music whereas Rolf has been in the event promoter space. 

Talk 3: “Self-learning search engines.” by Artem Grotov from University of Amsterdam

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing provide users with high quality search results. They do so by taking into account thousands of factors that affect the order of the results shown on the search engine result page. These factors include textual query-website similarity, popularity of the website, the time since the website was last updated, click through rates and many others. It comes at a great cost – the search engine engineers have to create huge annotated datasets in order to learn how to combine these factors. Smaller companies cannot afford to go through this process, this is why we, as users often have poor search experience outside of large commercial search engines. For example the quality of search inside university websites, corporate websites and online stores is often very poor. In this talk Artem will discuss a potential solution to this problem. This solution is to have the search engine learn how to combine numerous search criteria by observing how users interact with the search engine. This way it is possible to provide excellent user experience without the cost of annotating large amounts of data. Additionally the search engine adapts to real users and not to the people who annotated the data and does so in real time.

Speaker Bio:

Artem Grotov is a PhD candidate at University of Amsterdam. His interests are machine learning, online learning and counterfactual evaluation.