5th RecSys:NL Meetup – Wrapup

The 5th RecSysNL meetup was held on November 24th in Elsevier, Amsterdam - a great venue with drinks and nice food. Thanks to Craig Scott and Elsevier.

There was three interesting talks: First, Marco Rosseti talked about their recommender systems in Mendeley. He introduced Mendeley Suggest, a new research advisor that recommends research articles to read. It uses different data sources and algorithms to provide recommendations that satisfy a broad range of researchers’ information needs. The slides of his talk is available here.

Then, Rolf Drög and Mikel Porras Hoogland gave an overview of their social music platform called Kollekt.fm. They are working on a music recommender systems for Kollekt.fm, together with TU Delft within the CrowdRec project.  Finally, Artem Grotov talked about self-learning search engines. He proposed an approach in which the search engine learn how to combine numerous search criteria by observing how users interact with the search engine.

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