7th Recommender Systems Amsterdam Meetup

In the next Recommender Systems Amsterdam – the first organised on meetup.com – we will have a combination of academic and industry talks. Nava Tintarev from TU Delft will describe interaction paradigms and explanation methods for recommender systems, Daan Odijk will discuss personalisation at Blendle, and Barend Linders will discuss online recommendation at the Dutch public broadcast, the NPO.

This meetup is scheduled to be on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at XITE.

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Address: Spijkerkade 28, Amsterdam
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Doors open on 18:00. XITE will provide snacks and drinks.
Talks start on 18:30.

The three talks are the followings:

1. ‘Explain yourself! Arguing with Recommender Systems’
by Nava Tintarev

The complexities of many advice-giving systems often lead to people struggling to establish why a system chose what it did, to identify which alternatives were considered, and to determine why these alternatives were not selected or suggested. In other words, such systems are opaque, and a human (and particularly a non-expert) often struggles to understand their reasoning. During her talk Nava will introduce interaction paradigms, and methods for generating explanations (text and graphics) for recommender systems. She will also address how explanations can be designed to not only improve trust and transparency, but also improve the discovery of novel content and help users identify their own blindspots.

Speakers Bio:

Nava is is an Assistant Professor and Delft Technology Fellow in the Web Information Systems group, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at TU Delft.

2. Personalizations at Blendle
by Daan Odijk

Description of the talk to follow.

3. Online recommendations at the Dutch public broadcast
by Barend Linders

Description of the talk to follow.